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Take Your Leadership to the Next Level Leadership Embodiment

Fundamentals Level 1 (2-Day): 28-29 January 2017 and 1-2 November 2017

Intermediate Level 2 (2-Day) : 15-16 July 2017

in Mumbai.


Join founder Wendy Palmer to activate yourself as a more skillful listener, powerful advocator and inspirational leader.


"Wendy Palmer's Leadership Emobodiment training opened up a whole new world for me as a leader giving me access to my body's wisdom to become more effective in how I relate, speak and act."

- Todd Pierce,

Chief Digital Officer, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Discover why and how leaders at innovative organizations like NASA practice Leadership Embodiment to embody a more centered, collaborative approach to leadership and



2017 Workshops (Le Coach Training Prerequisites):

Fundamentals Level 1 (2-Day)

28-29 January 2017 and 1-2 November 2017

Early-Bird (First 10 Places Or Till 23 Dec 2016)

Individual – INR 66205

Group (3 - 5)INR 61295


Individual – INR 76129

Group (3 - 5) INR 70489


Intermediate Level 2 (2-Day)

15-16 July 2017

Very Early-Bird (First 10 Places Or Till 28 Feb 2017)

All – INR 61295


*Prices are subject to 15% service charge


The Orchid Hotel
70/C, Nehru Road, Adjacent to Domestic Airport, Vile Parle (E), Mumbai 400099. Maharashtra


How Do I Know This Works?  

Trust us. Leadership Embodiment is an evolving practice drawing from principles of Aikido - non-violent Japanese martial art, mindfulness and 40 years of experience. Leaders we inspire and develop are innovating at NASA, Google, Genentech, Oracle, McKinsey, World Presidents Organization and more.



Enhance your capacity for effective communication and leadership

Increase your presence to hold ever-larger perspectives in a changing world

Develop your clarity of intention as you align the cognitive, emotional and embodied demands of leadership


Individual Focused and Team Engaging,

So You as a person and Your organization Excel

Leadership Embodiment Creates
Shared language
Culture of engagement
Collective values

So You and Your Team,
Are more creative together
Feel interconnected
Experience leadership as inspirational and motivational


Learn to:

  • Recognize your personal stress patterns that arise in intense situations through simple physical exercises
  • Shift to a more creative, compassionate and skillful state once you are familiar with your pattern
  • Cultivate the 3 Leadership Competencies:
    1. Being inclusive especially in difficult situations
    2. Listening for the big picture without taking things personally
    3. Speaking up for what we believe in even when there is strong resistance

Why Leadership Embodiment? 

Successful leadership isn’t just about what you know.

Even the smartest leaders, once triggered can get reactive. Under stress, your system activates cortisol that shuts down your neo-cortex - the higher-functioning and long-term thinking part of your brain - narrow focus, hyper vigilance and defensiveness results.

Research shows that Leadership Embodiment practices, restores your capacity for the higher-functioning and long-term aspects –

Big-picture thinking, innovation, creativity and intuition

Wendy Palmer holds a sixth degree black belt in Aikido. She founded Leadership Embodiment to enable leadership of compassion and integrity. She is the author of – The Intuitive Body, The Practice of Freedom and Leadership Embodiment.

"If leaders begin to access this more altruistic part of themselves - this more creative part, then the children will know that's possible...we are making contribution to our culture going forward.

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